Some highlights of the past years Past activities organises every year several high-quality events, where digital professionals meet to learn on new topics, to exchange viewpoints and to network. We are open to both starting and experienced digital professionals. As an illustration of the typical topics, you can find below a selection of events that took place in the recent past. This list will soon be extended with a summary of each event.

Thursday 2023.05.25 | iGent Toren

Cloud - the road ahead

Cloud computing for Telecom and IT

Wednesday 2023.02.08 | Antwerp

Cooperation Boosts!

Networking reception with keynote

Thursday 2022.10.13 | Lamot (Mechelen)

5G for Belgium

The state of 5G in Belgium

Thursday 2022.09.29 | Rome (Italy)

Future Telecommunications

Infrastructure & Sustainability

Wednesday 2022.06.08 | Lamot (Mechelen)

Sustainable Networks

Myth or Opportunity?

Monday 2022.05.23 | Vienna

FTTH Conference 2022

The world's largest fibre summit

Tuesday 2022.03.29 | Vienna


Worlds's Largest Fibre Summit

Thursday 2022.02.24 | Webinar

How “green” is the Telecom Industry?

And what to expect of the future

Wednesday 2021.10.06 | Ter Elst, Edegem

Fiber for BE

The state of Fiber in Belgium

Tuesday 2021.06.22 | Webinar

Webinar Fiber for Belgium

Looking across the border

Thursday 2021.06.17 | Online

General Assembly 2021

Online meeting

Wednesday 2020.10.21 | Online event

5G for Belgium

The state of 5G in Belgium

Thursday 2020.06.25 | Webinar

Webinar 5G for Belgium

A status update on regulation and market needs

Thursday 2020.06.18 | Online

General Assembly 2020

Online meeting

Thursday 2019.11.21 | Orange Belgium

Blockchain in the telecom industry

What is blockchain exactly? What are the opportunities for the telecom sector?

Wednesday 2019.09.25 | Ghent

Smart Cities & ICT

European Congress

Saturday 2019.06.08 | Mortsel

General Assembly

election of new President

Thursday 2019.04.04 | Holiday Inn - Ghent Expo

Gigabits: Where, when and how?

The evolution of Fixed-line Broadband in Belgium

Monday 2019.03.11 | Brussels

Young ICT Personality Contest

Discovering visionary youngsters

Wednesday 2019.03.06 | Ghent

IEEE Student Branch event


Thursday 2018.09.06 | Manchester (UK)

Delivery and Consumption of Digital Media

European Congress

Thursday 2018.06.14 | Mechelen

Artificial Intelligence

How AI will shape the future

Saturday 2018.06.09 | Brussels

General Assembly


Friday 2018.04.27 | Webinar

FTTH - a status update

How Analytics improved RoI of FTTH

Wednesday 2018.03.21 | Leuven

Comtech for Drones

When will they start invading the sky

Tuesday 2018.01.30 | Leuven

Smart Listening

Big Brother is hearing you

Thursday 2017.11.23 | Antwerp

The 5G revolution

How 5G will materialize the Gigabit Society

Wednesday 2017.09.27 | Ghent

Fixed Broadband Access

in gent

Thursday 2017.09.14 | Madrid (Spain)

The Digital Transformation: A Challenge for ICT Engineers

European Congress

Monday 2017.09.11 | Grimbergen

Stakeholder input gathering

Interactive workshop on member needs

Saturday 2017.06.10 | Mechelen

General Assembly


Tuesday 2017.02.28 | Leuven

IoT Workshop

presentaties en workshop

Thursday 2016.10.13 | Leuven

LoRa & Sigfox


Tuesday 2016.09.27 | webinar

Internet of Thinks

brecht reynders

Thursday 2016.09.01 | Athens (Greece)

Towards a smart interconnected society

European Congress

Saturday 2016.06.11 | Oostende

General Assembly


Tuesday 2016.05.03 | Leuven

Bitcoins, failed experiment or currency of the future

met IEEE student branch

Friday 2016.04.29 | Brussels

Young ICT Personality Contest

Discovering visionary youngsters

Wednesday 2016.02.24 | Webinar

Trends in Telecom


Monday 2016.02.22 | Leuven

Internet of things


Monday 2015.11.23 | Leuven

Tech Startup Innovation Market


Thursday 2015.09.03 | Wroclaw

ICT for Smart Applications

European Congress

Saturday 2015.06.13 | Aalst

General Assembly


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