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Executive summary

For the performance of its activities, FITCE.be processes various data, both commercial data and personal data. This policy concerns the processing of personal data by FITCE.be. The personal data of different categories of identifiable persons such as members, employees, clients and suppliers, users of the website, subscribers and other stakeholders are processed.

FITCE.be understands the importance of the protection of personal data and the concerns of its employees, clients and clients’ contact persons, suppliers and suppliers’ contact persons and other persons with whom it has contact regarding the processing of their personal data. FITCE.be always carefully considers the protection of personal data during the different personal data processing operations.

Different persons within the organisation may have access to the personal data of its employees (the term employees shall include: managers and everyone who works for FITCE.be, including independent service providers and consultants, temporary workers such as agency workers, interns, student workers, volunteers, ex-employees) and other individuals (clients and suppliers) during the performance of their role. Each of these persons within FITCE.be is bound by this policy on the protection of personal data.

The applicable data protection legislation imposes obligations on FITCE.be regarding the way in which it must process data. In addition, the legislation provides for rights for the persons whose data is processed, so that they have more control over their own personal data.

This policy gives an overview of the general obligations under data protection legislation which the company and its employees must comply with. Compliance with this policy is important for the following reasons:

  • Compliance with data protection legislation is a legal obligation and failure comply with these duties can lead to liability, sanctions and fines;
  • Compliance with data protection legislation leads to more satisfactory and efficient processing of personal data;
  • Compliance with data protection legislation is the basis for a relationship of trust between FITCE.be and its business relations, consumers and its employees.

Contact person

The person responsible for data protection can be contacted via e-mail dpo@fitce.be . In order to exercise your rights, please refer to Article 8 of this policy.

Full document

If you are interested in the Complete data protection policy, download our complete policy (pdf document) .

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