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FITCE.be is an association without a fixed headquarter nor do we have permanent staff. The fastest and most efficient way to reach us is through - noblesse oblige - digital means.

Never hesitate to e-mail/skype/slack/... our board members if you have their coordinates.

If you are new to us, please send an e-mail to info@fitce.be for a first touchpoint.

Official address

vzw FITCE.be asbl

BluePoint Brussels
Bd. A. Reyerslaan 80
1030 Brussels


VAT-number: BE 0470 599 062

Bank details

IBAN: BE97 4155 1091 2149

Name: FITCE.BE (2550 Kontich)
Bank: KBC Bank

SEPA Credit Transfer is supported.
SEPA Direct Debit is supported.
COR1 is not supported.
B2B is supported.

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FITCE.be is the Belgian branch of FITCE.eu.
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FITCE.eu has member associations in 9 European countries.

FITCE.eu allows exchange views and gaining insights in new developments and challenges related to technical, regulatory, societal and economical aspects of ICT & media technologies and services.

Our 24 supporting company members

FITCE.be is the Belgium-based broadband connectivity and services organisation, that focuses on knowledge sharing and networking.
We bring together industry professionals and academics to exchange views and gain new insights into the developments and challenges related to the technical, regulatory, societal, and economic aspects of broadband – both fixed and mobile.
During our in-person and virtual events, we explore important trends in the field and discuss evolutions on the international stage, and how they translate to the Belgian content.

FITCE.be is the Belgian branch of the European FITCE.eu umbrella federation.

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