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5G for Belgium
  Wednesday 14th October 2020, from 1pm till 8pm

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FITCE.be organises every year several high-quality events, where digital professionals meet to learn on new topics, to exchange viewpoints and to network. Have a look

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FITCE.be is the forum for digital professionals to exchange views and acquire insight in new developments and challenges related to technical, regulatory, societal and economical aspects of ICT & Media technologies and services.

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5G for Belgium recordings: are available

This main FITCE.be symposium of 2020 gave a state of affairs on 5G. What is happening in Belgium and what are successful use cases?
> Ticket holders can now watch the full recordings

Raf Meersman elected on FTTH Council Europe board

During its General Assembly, the FTTH Council Europe adopted its work programme and priorities and elected new Board members and Work Committee Chairs. FITCE.be President and Comsof CEO Raf Meersman is amongst the new appointed Board Members. Congratulations, Raf !
More info on FTTH Council website

On the roll-out of 5G

Telco operators should find ways to make new services, like 5G attractive for the public. Opinion article in De Tijd by Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof and president of FITCE.be
Read the full article (in Dutch) here

60 Years of FITCE International

It is very impressive how long 60 years is and how much has changed in the field of telecommunications over the last six decades. The purely national telecom operators grew into international ICT groups. The industry has globalized and communication devices that were only known from TV series Star Trek and its Star Ship Enterprise back then are now ubiquitous....

In 1961, the CEOs of telecommunications operators – Belgium, Luxembourg and France – recognized that collaboration and sharing of experience among senior engineers was critical in an ever- changing telecommunications world. Within a year, FITCE was born, an international, non-profit association with national federations.

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