Smart Energy - Creating business opportunities for ICT

Evening event with eminent speakers from KU Leuven (Annick Dexters), Enervalis (Stefan Lodeweyckx) and EDF/Luminus (Geert Leppens). You will get a perspective from Academia, Innovation Industry and Energy Retail Sector.


16:00   Welcome of the participants

Participants are invited to take a look at the Technopolis exhibition prior to the event as an entry ticket is included on registration. In principle you can visit it the whole day, tickets will be waiting for you at the exhibition entry desk.

17:00   “Smart grids in practice” – Annick Dexters

This presentation discusses the impact of the EU climate goals on the operation of the electrical grid. It elaborates how the grid operators cope with the problems of balancing, congestion and the increasing use of electrical energy.

17:30   “Telecom models changing the energy world” – Stefan Lodeweyckx

This presentation discusses how innovative telecom business and technical models can also change the energy world. Big-data energy service platforms are discussed and we elaborate on (examples of) applications such as smart energy neutral communities or EV ancillary services. Nowadays block chain technology is also used in this environment.

18:00   “An energy retailers’ view” – Geert Leppens

This presentation discusses how an energy retailer copes with the new challenges in the energy world by developing new business models in energy services, related infrastructure and IT needs.

18:30    Question Time

19:00    Reception and informal gathering


About the speakers:

Annick Dexters holds an electro technical engineering degree from the KU Leuven. As a Professor she currently teaches at the KU Leuven (campus Diepenbeek). With her research team she built one of the first micro grids in Flanders. She also coordinated several EU research projects for the local DSO Infrax.

About KUL Diepenbeek: The intense cooperation between KU Leuven and UHasselt provides a wide range of specializations. Applied scientific research and the interrelationship of education with research and with the industry ensure a high quality engineering education with a solid reputation at home and abroad.

Stefan Lodeweyckx holds a degree in digital engineering and MBA. He is founder and CEO of Enervalis, a startup active in the development of energy solutions for electrical vehicles, buildings and micro grids.

About Enervalis: Enervalis develops software for making the electricity network intelligent and transforming it into "the Smart Grid". Companies and players in the electrical value chain who use this software can save money on their energy bill by using latently present flexibility in an intelligent manner. Examples of applications include the intelligent charging of electric cars, building management and green hybrid solutions for hotels.

Geert Leppens holds a Bachelor of Science and Commercial Engineering degree. He currently heads the Smart Cities activities in EDF Luminus and develops positioning strategies for new energy services in Belgium.

About EDF/Luminus: With an installed capacity of 2,033 MW in January 2018 and more than 30 sites in Flanders and Wallonia, EDF Luminus represents about 10% of the Belgian electricity generating capacity. This makes the company the second largest electricity producer and supplier of the country. To ensure optimal service quality, EDF Luminus has developed an activity panel at the service of its customers in Flanders and Wallonia: thermal power stations, wind turbines, hydro-electrical power stations and a whole range of innovative energy services. The company also owns shares in multiple nuclear installations. = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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