Drones - when will they start invading the sky?

And even more interesting than the timing, is the question on how they will do it!

Drones are about to be part of our everyday lives. They promise to deliver our packages faster and cheaper, using aerial corridors instead of congested roadways. They will save lives by supporting incident responders with necessary equipment. They promise to inspect our roofs and the electricity grid more frequently, better, and autonomously. They will bring us unprecedented views of reality, and even allow us to become producers of our own spectacular video shows. The aerial future is bright, and a wide range of applications is emerging. There are plenty of opportunities for novel businesses, and also existing companies are interested in the opportunities. In this IEEE SB event, we will give an overview of the drone challenges and opportunities, first from a research angle, then from the viewpoint of a media broadcaster with concrete experience with drones, and finally from the European drone cluster EUKA, aiming to simply enable drone industry.

The seminar is co-organized by FITCE and the IEEE Student Branch Leuven


19:30: Welcome

19:45: “Autonomous drones will be there before autonomous cars”, Zhenya Vinogradov, KU Leuven

20:15: “Drones in the air: broadcasting dreams and realities” Dani Staes, VRT

20:45: “Drones Challenges and Opportunities for Europe”, Mark Vanlook EUKA

21:15: Panel discussion

21:30: Reception with drones on show


Dani Staes

Info is coming

Mark Vanlook

Mark Vanlook started in 1986 as a civil engineer at IMEC in Leuven. In 1990 he was offered a job at GDF Suez in the engineering department. He subsequently built a local and international career in technology, marketing and general management. In 1999 Mark became entrepreneur and started one of the first internet companies in Belgium : anaXis. Within 10 years the company grew to around 90 employees and 400 customers and was a trendsetter in online business and e-government applications. ​In 2013, Mark sold his business and devoted himself to a new challenge: drones . He is currently chairman of EUKA, a membership organisation with the main objective to accelerate a European industry based on drones: the Internet of Flying Things.

Zhenya Vinogradov

Evgenii (Zhenya) Vinogradov received the Dipl. Engineer degree in Radio Engineering and Telecommunications from Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University (Russia), in 2009. After several years of working in the field of mobile communications, he joined UCL (Belgium) in 2013, where he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2017. His doctoral research interests focused on radio propagation channel modeling. In 2017, Evgenii joined the electrical engineering department at KU Leuven (Belgium) where he is working on wireless communications with UAVs



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