Event Programme 2019...

Q2 2019
  Convergence 5G-FTTH – WEBINAR

Q2 2019
  Regulating Video-sharing Platforms – WEBINAR
  Platform Mania in TV Distribution – WEBINAR

June 2019
  BLOCKCHAIN, with a focus on use cases – EVENING EVENT

25/27 sep 2019

Nov 2019

FITCE.be is the forum for digital professionals to exchange views and acquire insight in new developments and challenges related to technical, regulatory, societal and economical aspects of ICT & Media technologies and services.

FITCE.be is the Belgian branch of the European FITCE.eu umbrella federation.

FITCE.be = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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In autumn 2019...

Smart Cities

This conference aims at tackling the issues raised by introducing digital technologies in smart cities, including both theoretical as well as practical aspects, considered from a multi-disciplinary perspective.