Blockchain in the telecom industry

Thursday 21 Nov 2019 - 17:30 - 22:00 | kindly hosted by Orange

At this event, Prof. Bart Preneel gave an overview of the principles and technology behind blockchain, highlighting it's strengths and weaknesses. David Smits from IBM discussed then, based on his expertise as senior architect on leading blockchain projects, implications for the telecom sector from his point of view. Tim Paridaens & Athina Stantzos broadened the scope to the media industry, and zoomed in on advantages, risks and challenges of blockchain in the media industry. Finally, Nico Wauters will explain how this Antwerp blockchain pilot pioneers with secure and efficient document workflow.

On this page you'll find some impressions of this great evening event.

Prof. Sofie Pollin - & KU Leuven
Prof. Bart Preneel - KU Leuven

The big challenge (for Blockchain applications) is to reconcile getting the benefits of transparancy while still protecting privacy.

Anthina Stantzos - Deloitte

We see a lot of opportunities (for Blockchain) in the supply chain, and the possibility to share documents and data with multiple stakeholders.

David Smits - IBM

We think that what the Internet did for information, Blockchain will do for transactions.

Nico Wauters - T-Mining

A lot of business critical applications where confidentiality and security is very important cannot be resolved by central platforms.

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