Founding members

These are the individuals who participated in the foundation meeting on 9 November 1999. The company name reflects their affiliation at the time of the meeting. The company names are the names as of that date. Given the historical nature of the data, no attempt is made to keep track of company name changes.

Name Company
De CatelleGérardAlcatel Bell
GabriëlPaulBarco Communication Systems
Van OoteghemJoséBelgacom
HendrickxAlfonsBITT-UPITT (Belgacom)
WirtgenJeanBITT-UPITT (Belgacom)
CornezJacquesBITT-UPITT (Belgacom)
DevroeyGeorgesConsultant (Belgacom)
Van HoeckeJanHarmonic
MeelJanHoger Instituut Wetenschap en Kunst De Nayer
RomaenHansKVIV-Technologisch Instituut
LambertMarcLucent Technologies
VanderborghtHermanNMBS Telecom
VanbecelaereLucNortel Networks
De WildeJoannesRaychem
WaebenPaulSeba Service
Van HemeledonckWalterSiemens
VerbruggenMarcTelenet Operaties
StevensChrisHogeschool West-Vlaanderen
De PaepeJean-PierreHogeschool West-Vlaanderen
NihoulPaulUCL = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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