Supporting company members

Company members

  • IMEC
  • KU Leuven R&D
  • Seba Service
  • SEE Telecom
  • Universiteit Gent (INTEC)
  • VWT-Telecom
  • Comsof NV

Founding members

Associate members keeps a special relationship with some ICT organisations which have goals and/or organise activities which are compatible with ours. Information addressed to the members is routinely sent to one or a few representatives of the associate member organisation. The cooperation is essentially limited to promoting, on request, each other’s activities through own channels of communication. Free or reduced fee entrance tickets are sometimes provided.

  • ETIS (the Global IT Association for Telecommunications) = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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2018 brings...

To be confirmed: a seminar on the (r)evolution of the payment industry, our bi-yearly Young ICT personality contest, a broadening event on autonomous driving, a broadening event on how chatbots could disrupt your sector,  and much more.