57th FITCE Congress in Manchester

For the 57th time in the FITCE history, the yearly international congress took place in MediaCityUK, Salford, a suburb of Manchester, and was organised by FITCE UK and the University in Salford. 75 delegates enjoyed four technical sessions, delivering 22 high level papers and keynote speeches. 

All presentations are available online

The FITCE Congress comprised a Technical Programme and an associated Companion Programme. A summary of the Technical Programme can be found on the congress website.

All presentations were video recorded and these may now be viewed online by clicking the title of each presentation shown under the ‘Topic’ column or by clicking the associated session name. In addition, some of the presenters have made available a version of their presentaion as a PDF download.

Highlighting the Belgian contributions

Belgium was again good represented, the presentation of Belgian interesting papers was very much appreciated by the conference audience.

Prof. Peggy Valcke of the Centre for IT & IP Law at the Faculty of Law at KU Leuven (and FITCE.be board member) looked at the proposition “Accountable, not liable: Is regulating videosharing platforms under the new AVMS Directive a slippery slope towards internet censorship".

Prof. Tom Evens of the Department of Communication Sciences at Ghent University described "Platform Mania in Television Distribution”. Tom suggested that platform “wannabees” were competing for leadership. 

We have included their presentations below.

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