Gigabits: Where, when and how?

The evolution of Fixed-line Broadband in Belgium

The ever increasing need of bandwidth will soon bring the need for Gbit speeds to every home. Broadband speeds in Belgium have long been in the top of Europe but with the increasing rollout of FTTH networks in many European countries actions are needed to make sure Belgium stays in the top. 

In this event we are looking to hear from key players in the Telecom market

  • What are the plans for delivering Gigabit speeds in Belgium?
  • Where does Belgium stand within a broader (EU) context? And how do other European countries succeed in delivering Gigabit to a complete country?
  • What is possible with further technology evolutions on the existing fixed networks? 
  • What will happen with low dense areas? How to get Gigabit speeds to those areas? 
  • Is FTTH the ultimate end-goal? And if so, when will it reach (almost) full coverage in Belgium?
  • What should be the role of regulator and governments in this?




17h00 Welcome and registration

17h30 – Start part 1

 - Welcome and introduction by Raf Meersman (CEO @ Comsof and Board Member @

 - Gigabit speeds Eric Festraets, Director Strategic Marketing @ NOKIA Fixed Networks

 - FTTH in Europe and Belgium – Erzsebet Fitori – Director @ FTTH Council EU 

 - Regulator viewpointAxel Desmedt – Council Member @ BIPT

18h45 Short Break (with coffee and sandwiches)

19:15 Start Part 2 - the views of the Infrastructure owners

 - Proximus - Guillaume Guevar – Director Fibre Programme @ Proximus

 - Telenet – Laurent Eeckhout - Director Technology & innovation @ Telenet 

 - Fluvius – Philip Cauwel - Project Leader FTTH @ Fluvius

20h30 Round table (discussion and Q&A with audience)

21h00 Networking Reception

Who are the speakers?

Raf Meersman

Raf is CEO at Comsof, a pioneering software company based in Ghent with clients in more than 70 countries.
Comsof's Fiber design tool is an intelligent and highly automated design software for future proof FTTx networks.

Eric Festraets

Eric leads Fixed Networks strategic marketing in Nokia. His role is focusing on consultative and best practices sharing, helping carrier & network operators in many regions to leverage on successful business models, tactics and service strategies, suitable for their broadband market.

Erzsébet Fitori

Erzsébet has more than 10 years of experience in regulatory affairs and public policy, including four years as Director at ECTA, a trade association representing over 100 pro-competitive operators across Europe.

Axel Desmedt

Axel Desmedt is heading the Telecommunications & Media department and the Legal and HR departments of the BIPT.
Axel Desmedt is also a visiting lecturer on Economic Regulation at the UCL since 2015 and a co-founder and editor of the Law Review for Network Industries (Kluwer).

Guillaume Guévar

Guillaume is within the Proximus group responsible for the Fiber for Belgium program which is an ambitious 3 Bio€ investment plan to cover the center of cities and commune in Belgium.

Laurent Eeckhout

Laurent is responsible for Telenet’s technology strategy across mobile and fixed networks. Linked to this he manages Telenet’s investment budget and program delivery in the CTO domain.

Philip Cauwel

Philip is overall project leader of a pilot project to deploy an open access FttH network to 15,000 households in 5 Flemish cities. Fluvius, a merger of Eandis and Infrax, is a Flemish utility provider for electricity, natural gas, sewerage and cable. = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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