Real life experiences from a national operator

Return on Investment for new FTTH rollouts remains challenging for many service providers. In this webinar we will explore how new analytics solutions can support strategic roll out decisions and help define roll out priorities by both looking at roll out costs and projected revenues to optimize ROI.

Proximus, incumbent operator from Belgium, will explain how they apply these principles to make their 3 Billion FTTH project a success.


Moderator: Raf Meersman, CEO Comsof, VP

Optimize your network investment priorities thanks to integrated analytics  
  by Sebastien Deletaille, CEO Riaktr (previously, Real Impact Analytics)

Learn from the experience of a key European Service Provider 
  by Sven Leleux, Technology Strategy Manager Proximus

Questions & Answers


Duration will be maximum 1 hour. Presentations will be limited to max 40 minutes. Rest of the time is for the Q&A. 

Registration will allow you to access the recording of the webinar afterwards, so even if the timeslot is not ideal, you are invited to register. = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

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