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Artificial Intelligence - How AI will shape our future!

Beyond the hype (including a future where humans will be replaced by AI and robots), AI already delivers real value in business. AI is indeed already being implemented across many industries and business functions allowing huge efficiencies in human productivity and the essence of the AI paradigm shift is that many (all?) business processes in an organization will be transformed by it: not only breakthrough innovation but even every day customer service.

The symposium will bring together industry professionals to discuss and debate the positive potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution. What is Deep/Machine Learning, Image/Voice recognition and NLP? Find out why it is really time to get involved with AI.

There will be presentations outlining the building blocks of the AI technology, current status updates as well as more technical case studies from leading enterprises, inspiring start-ups and thought-leaders. The symposium will be interactive and will be conclude with a round table discussion and Q&A with the audience.


15h00 – 15h30
Registration and Welcome Coffee in Telenet Atrium

15h30 – 15h45
Welcome and introduction by by Piet Spiessens, VP Innovation and Business Development - Telenet and Wim De Meyer, Managing Director ETIS and Board Member

15h45 – 16h15
Technological status of AI Tony Belpaeme – Ugent- IMEC

What is the current state of artificial intelligence (AI)? Many of us are eagerly awaiting or fearfully dreading the coming of AI, while not realising that most of our lives are already touched daily by it. We will look at examples of where AI makes a difference and examples of areas that are still firmly outside AI’s grasp. From this we will formulate some open challenges for AI which industry and academia still need to solve.

16h15 – 16h45 
Software 2.0 is here - self-learning systems are changing business models everywhere – Maarten Callaert –  ML6 

From customer support to cancer detection to energy consumption optimization: everywhere, industries are being disrupted by Machine Learning, forcing large companies to reinvent themselves or be swallowed by the wave of AI-first start-ups & other enterprises. Through several success stories, Maarten will show how large companies can benefit from this wave by collaborating with experts in the field of AI.

16h45 – 17h15
Deep Learning and RoboticsJonathan Berte - Robovision

17h15 – 17h45
Conversational interfaces in TelecommunicationsJos Polfliet -  Faktion

As the largest Applied AI company, Faktion has been involved in a lot of other Applied AI use cases in the telco domain, which Jos will address: Predictive maintenance on sensor data, Network anomaly detection, Marketing optimization, Customer journey prediction, and Conversational interfaces

17h45 – 18h Coffee Break

18h00 – 18h30
Use cases AI – Status Watson - Michel Van Der Poorten - IBM 

AI will transform each and every profession and industry over the next years. During this presentation Michel will highlight especially how the customer experience will evolve to include ever more data and use advanced algorithms to come to a personalised experience tailored to the audience of one. At the same time, Michel will indicate how this enhanced client insight can help the internal experts stay relevant.

18h30 - 19h00
Optimizing TV-Advertising through Set Top Box Data – Joris Renkens, Data Scientist - Telenet 

Data is the new oil” is a sentence we have all heard multiple times. One point where this holds true is the fact that both aren’t worth a lot without proper refining and turning them into new products. Telenet is using Set Top Box Data to optimize its TV-advertising strategy, effectively combining Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to generate direct value, while completely respecting the privacy and anonymity of its end users. Joris Renkens will provide a deeper insight in this approach and share some of the lessons learned in productizing the data science process.

19h00 – 19h30
How Nokia is leveraging AI in its portfolio of solutions (customer care,
   network operations, analytics)
 – Olivier Bruyndonckx, VP Applications and Analytics - Europe Market - Nokia

Artificial Intelligence is radically transforming the way we manage and monetize the telecom networks – from the proactive detection of network issues to the automated resolution of network and services outages, via the optimization of network configuration and the analysis of end user behaviors to proactively propose new solutions/services at the right “digital time”. This digital transformation happens across all the layers – networks, operations and customer experience.

19h30 – 20h00 

Round table discussion and Q&A with audience 

20h00 -21h30
Networking Reception and Walking Dinner

Register Now Tickets: € 195,- (excl. VAT), members: € 125,- (excl. VAT), students: 25,- (incl. VAT)

Who are the speakers?

Johan Berte - CEO and founder of Robovision.
Robovision is a company specialized in the combination vision and robotics.

Jos Polfliet - Head of Machine Learning Faktion

Faktion is an applied artificial intelligence engineering service provider, with headquarters in Antwerp (Belgium).

Maarten Callaert - Machine Learning Manager and Engineer at ML6

ML6 is accompany of machine learning experts on a mission to empower businesses with artificial intelligence

Michel Van Der Poorten - Cognitive Business Development Executive at IBM

Tony Belpaeme - Professor at the University of Ghent and Plymouth University

Tony focusses on research into and teaching of topics in artificial intelligence, cognitive science/systems and robotics.

Joris Renkens, data Scientist @ Telenet

Piet Spiessens, VP Innovation and Business Development Telenet

Olivier Bruyndonckx, VP Applications and Analytics - Europe Market @Nokia

Responsible to build and grow the business pipeline of Nokia Software globally by the definition and implementation of go to market strategies, the market development/field marketing activities in the different regions and the enablement (training, collaterals) of the sales and presales workforce of the Nokia Software business unit.

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