Event calender

Thu 06 - Fri 07 September 57th FITCE Europe Congress
Delivery & Consumption of Digital Media
Manchester (UK)
Mon 11 March 2019 18:00 FITCE.be Young ICT Personality finals Brussels
Thu 04 April 2019 17:00 Gigabits: Where, when and how?
The evolution of Fixed-line Broadband in Belgium
Q2 2019 Regulating Video-sharing Platforms Webinar
Q2 2019 Platform Mania in TV Distribution Webinar
June 2019 BLOCKCHAIN, with a focus on use cases – EVENING EVENT t.b.a.
25/27 September 2019 SMART CITIES – EUROPEAN CONGRESS Ghent
November 2019 5G – SYMPOSIUM t.b.a.

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In January-February 2019...

  • Keynote of jury member Dominique Deckmyn
  • Young personalities with disruptive ideas
  • Finalists are awarded 1000, 250 and 250 EUR
  • Candidates can apply until 31 January 2019
  • Grand Final with best 3 candidates: Mo 11 March 2019

More info on the Young ICT Personality Website