Members of the board is ran by a group of enthousiast digital professionals. Below you can find our organisational chart. Click on a picture to go to the LinkedIn profile for more information and background.

Core team

Raf Meersman - President

Sofie Pollin - Vice-President

Serge Temmerman - Secretary

Gérard De Catelle - Treasurer

José Van Ooteghem - link


Board members

Ben Martens

Christian Vanhuffel

Dirk Segers

Filip Vandermeulen

Georges Devroey

Gerd Vandersteen

Marc Verbruggen

Marlies Van der Wee

Nico Deblauwe

Patrick Verriest

Peggy Valcke

Steven Latré

Walter Van Hemeledonck


in alphabetical order (first name) 

Honorary members

Paul Waeben (Seba Service)

Marc Lambert (Fitce Belgium)

Johannes De Wilde (Tyco Electronics)

Jos Dumortier (KULeuven / time.lex) = seminars that lead to insights on state-of-the-art topics

Our last event

More on our past events

Some pictures say more than a thousand words... Don't hesitate to browse some of the pictures and testimonial video's of our past events...


In autumn 2019...

Smart Cities

This conference aims at tackling the issues raised by introducing digital technologies in smart cities, including both theoretical as well as practical aspects, considered from a multi-disciplinary perspective.